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Black Flowers

Black Flowers

Black Artificial Flowers Collection

Our black artificial flowers collection includes black silk flowers, artificial flowers and faux flowers that will always look dramatic.

Black artificial flowers come in a wide range of styles and varieties and our comprehensive range is sure to include something for everyone. From the ever popular rose to frilly nerine lilies our black flower collection will not disappoint ♥

Artificial Autumn Berries Branch Black | Artificial BerriesStem of luscious artificial berries in Autumnal black with a hint of white. Perfect for Aut..
Stock quantity: 29
Ex Tax:£6.08
Artificial Blackberries Stem Red Black | Artificial BerriesStem of luscious artificial blackberries at various stages of ripening. Add texture and int..
Stock quantity: 4
Ex Tax:£3.42
Artificial Blackcurrants Stem | Artificial BerriesStem of luscious artificial blackcurrants with green silk leaves. Add texture and interest to your a..
Stock quantity: 32
Ex Tax:£8.01
Artificial Lonicera Leaves Black - LON002 I1
Artificial Lonicera Leaves Black | Artificial LeavesDramatic spray of silk lonicera leaves in black. Great mixer for tall artificial flower arrangemen..
Stock quantity: 46
Ex Tax:£4.38
Artificial Nightshade Berries Stem | Artificial FlowersIf you love the look of lush artificial flower arrangements and bridal bouquets then add artifi..
Stock quantity: 17
Ex Tax:£4.74
Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid Black 90cm - J004 G1
Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid Black | Artificial FlowersDramatic black artificial phalaenopsis orchid stems will make a statement in any floral displ..
Stock quantity: 21
Ex Tax:£3.04
Black Silk Artificial Roses | Artificial FlowersSilk artificial blown rose in black with black leaves and black thorny stem. Colour: Black ..
Stock quantity: 44
Ex Tax:£2.66
Colourfast Cottage Foam Roses Bundle Black 6 Pack | Foam FlowersBundle of six stems of colourfast foam cottage roses on short black paper wrapped stem..
Stock quantity: 28
Ex Tax:£2.63
Glitter Banana Leaves Black | Christmas DecorationsAdd a touch of sparkle to your Christmas decorations (or even your everyday flowers) with our jet b..
Stock quantity: 16
Ex Tax:£0.83
Glitter Lace Aspidistra Leaf Black | Christmas DecorationsAdd a touch of sparkle to your Christmas decorations (or even your everyday flowers) with ou..
Stock quantity: 110
Ex Tax:£0.83
Pompom Chrysanthemum Black | Artificial FlowersLarge silk chrysanthemum in black with black stem and leavesColour: BlackDimensions: L74cm W15...
Stock quantity: 48
Ex Tax:£1.66
Short Stem Carnation Black 5cm - C031 C2
Short Stem Carnation Black | Artificial FlowersShort stem silk carnation in black. Perfect length for funeral work or buttonholesColour: Black..
Stock quantity: 610
Ex Tax:£0.19
Silk Rose Petals Black | Artificial FlowersBox of silk roses petals of assorted sizes and a few silk leaves.Colour: BlackLooking for inspirati..
Stock quantity: 93
Ex Tax:£2.75
Velvet Rose Spray Vintage Black | Artificial FlowersVelvet artificial rose spray with veined petals, natural green leaves and a thorny stem. ..
Stock quantity: 69
Ex Tax:£4.00
17cm Poinsettia on Clip Black - X22054 : Next delivery due Sept 2022
New Out Of Stock Out Of Stock
17cm Poinsettia on Clip Black | Christmas DecorationsBlack poinsettia on clip with satin and velvet petals and a champagne gold centre. Perfect f..
Out of stock
Ex Tax:£2.75
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