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Brown Flowers

Brown Flowers

Brown Artificial Flowers Collection

Our brown artificial flowers collection includes brown silk flowers, artificial flowers and faux flowers in every shade of brown you can imagine including dark brown, chocolate brown, coffee, cappuccino, mocha, caramel, russet, earthy brown, rust ............

Brown artificial flowers come in a wide range of styles and varieties and our far reaching range is sure to include something for everyone. From the ever popular gerbera daisy to chrysanthemums or even delicate delphinium our brown flower collection will not disappoint ♥

128cm Trailing Artificial Pampas Grass Caramel | Artificial GrassesExra long stem of artificial pampas grass with 10 floating caramel coloured nylon f..
Stock quantity: 24
Ex Tax:£6.79
65cm Artificial Pampas Grass Caramel | Artificial GrassesShort stem of artificial pampas grass with caramel fronds on green stems with a wire cor..
Stock quantity: 46
Ex Tax:£3.63
70cm Artificial Pampas Grass Caramel | Artificial GrassesLong stem of artificial pampas grass with caramel fronds on green stems with a wire core..
Stock quantity: 70
Ex Tax:£5.21
90cm Artificial Pampas Grass Natural | Artificial GrassesLongt stem of artificial pampas grass with natural coloured fronds on brown stems with a..
Stock quantity: 124
Ex Tax:£9.40
Artificial Acorns Branch | Artificial FoliageBranch of lifelike artificial acorns. Perfect for Autumn and Christmas decorations.Colour: BrownD..
Stock quantity: 128
Ex Tax:£6.25
Artificial Cabbage Rose Chestnut Brown 60cm | Artificial FlowersLifelike replica of a cabbage rose. Our artificial cabbage roses have glorious ruffled..
Stock quantity: 68
Ex Tax:£2.99
Artificial Chocolate Alstroemeria Stem 63cm | Artificial FlowersOur delicate artificial chocolate alstroemeria has clusters of dainty, freckled..
Stock quantity: 89
Ex Tax:£4.75
Artificial Chrysanthemums Caramel | Artificial FlowersCompact artificial bloom chrysanthemum in caramel with green leaves and stem.Colour: Caramel..
Stock quantity: 124
Ex Tax:£2.43
Artificial Dog Rose Dark Chocolate Brown 41cm | Artificial FlowersShort stem of artificial dog rose in a very dark chocolate brown with champagne gold..
Stock quantity: 72
Ex Tax:£2.48
Artificial Fox Tail Flowers Rust | Artificial FlowersSingle artificial fox tail flowers in rust with Autumn grasses. The slender spikes of fox tails w..
Stock quantity: 93
Ex Tax:£1.38
Artificial Fuji Mum Caramel | Artificial FlowersLarge and impressive caramel silk chrysanthemum with spiky petals. An artificial fuji mum will ad..
Stock quantity: 74
Ex Tax:£3.04
Artificial Gerbera Mink Small | Artificial FlowersSmall mink artificial gerbera daisy on a pale green stem.Colour: MinkDimensions L57cm D9.5cm..
Stock quantity: 69
Ex Tax:£0.74
Artificial Hypericum Berries Brown | Artificial FlowersStem of artificial brown hypericum berries with four branches per stem, each bearing rust brown..
Stock quantity: 69
Ex Tax:£2.28
Artificial Peony Flowers Coffee Latte | Artificial FlowersDelightful artificial tree peony flowers in coffee shades with realistic green lea..
Stock quantity: 43
Ex Tax:£3.13
Pompom Chrysanthemum Caramel Latte | Artificial FlowersLarge silk pompom chrysanthemum in warm caramel latte hues with green leaves and gree..
Stock quantity: 96
Ex Tax:£1.66
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